What if I am vegan or have ingredient/product sensitivities?

We adhere to a strict ingredient policy and do not feature products that contain any of the ingredients listed HERE. If you have allergies or concerns about a specific ingredient or type of product, please email us at hello@cleanbeautybox.com.

We can create an allergy alert for you in our database, and we will be able to notify you about products coming up that contain these ingredients. If you cancel your subscription, your allergy notes will be removed, so please reach out to us to confirm these details again if you reactivate your subscription or sign up again.

*Please note that we do not offer returns or issue refunds on subscription boxes. We are not responsible if you receive a product that includes an ingredient you are not able to use if we are not alerted prior. Please make sure to email us about any issues upon signing up or as any allergies come up.